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Taipei Music Center - Concert Hall


Taipei Music Center


Taipei Music Center - CONCERT HALL


No. 99, Sec. 8, Civic Blvd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City

The Concert Hall is a medium-sized auditorium at TMC, specially designed for live music performances. Built as an angular-shaped shell with five stories above ground and three stories below, it can accommodate about 5,000 people, a solution to the lack of similarly sized venues in Taiwan. In order to provide musicians with an optimized place toperform, TMC is equipped with four infrastructure facilities: A large elevator platform, a wide-ranging mother truss, a large-sized sound insulation wall, and the renowned L-Acoustics K2 System, all contributing to a convenient working environment and a high-quality stage. TMC fosters and supports diversified forms of music performances, includingconcerts, musicals, talk shows, and more. The Concert Hall aims to shape the future by providing a blank canvas for emerging musicians to experiment and explore and by encouraging artists of all music genres to expand their audience pool as well as to enrich their creativity. Venue rental is available for companies, legal person, organization or institution or school that are legally registered under the Laws of Republic of China. Shall you have other inquires, please inquire: info@tmc.taipei Thank You! Venue rental inquiry: https://tmc.taipei/hire/hire-hall/ Rental Inquiry / Location Scouts T:02-2788-6620 #8316 or #8314 Operation Hours:Mon.-Fri. AM 9:00-12:00 &PM 1:30-6:00 More info:https://tmc.taipei/hire/hire-hall/