Taipei Music Center - Cultural Cube


Taipei Music Center

With six stories above ground and one below, the Cultural Cube is the first exhibition hall in Taiwan that acts as a carrier of the past and a bridge to the future, cataloging the history of music in Taiwan. It has curated a permanent exhibition and several temporary exhibitions, with the former integrating an infrared audio guide and interactive facilities, taking visitors on a journey to learn about how pop music in Taiwan has evolved and developed over the decades. TMC will continue bringing in outstanding arts and music related exhibits from the international community, so that fans in Taiwan can be more in line with the global cultural context and have more profound feelings towards arts and music. - Special Exhibition Showroom - Located on the 2F of the Cultural Cube, around 1,058 sq m. The entire floor is available for hire, also could be rented as devided areas. (660 sq m. and 397 sq m.) Floor height is 5m (below the ceiling frame), the space is equipped with ceiling frame, lifting point and LED light tracks. Independent power supply. The space has been acoustically modified, suitable for all kinds of exhibitions, creative and commercial events. Venue rental inquiry: Rental Inquiry / Location Scouts T:02-2788-6620 #8329 or #8316 Operation Hours:Mon.-Fri. AM 9:00-12:00 &PM 1:30-6:00